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If the sun and its light are essential to the life on ground and play a beneficial part for the man (additive the moral one and supports the production of vitamin D), part of its radiation is dangerous for the eyes and the skin.
To know well to protect itself from the sun in all the activities of the daily life is one of the keys to preserve our health.
The abuse the sun is dangerous for health
In the short run: it is responsible for the insolation and allergy, sunstrokes of the skin and the eyes (ophthalmias).
In the long run, the sun abuse accelerates cutaneous ageing, supports the appearance of lesions
eyepieces (cataracts, ulcerations of the cornea) and of cancers of the skin.
The leading cause of the increase amongst cancers of the skin recorded with
cours des last decades is related to our behaviors  : increase in time
more shone upon vacancies, destinations, development of the sports of outdoor,
esthetics of bronzing… As many practices supporting an over-exposure with the radiations
ultraviolet rays.
People are more sensitive than others to rays UV. Each skin is different, according to its color it is more or less sensitive to the sun (phototype). All the skins must protect  : whatever the type of skin, adequate protection depends on the intensity
rays UV, exposure time and carried on activity.
The exposure to the ultraviolet rays (UV), of natural origin (sun) or artificial (cabins of bronzing), is a major risk factor to develop a cancer of the skin.
Examine your skin regularly
A wound which does not heal, a button or a crust which persist and modify, a beauty spot which, color and with irregular contours are signs that changes enlarges should not be neglected. Any persistent cutaneous modification must lead to a consultation in a dermatologist.
The good reflexes to protect itself to limit the risks, avoid exposing you graft 12:00 and 16:00. The intensity of UV is related on the schedule of exposure and not to felt heat. When the sun is with most, rays UV are more dangereuxSe to cover is the best means of limiting the risks related to the sun. Bathing suits Anti UV 50+, a hat on broad board and sunglasses constitute the surest panoply and simplest against the rays UV.Pour the discovered parts, the sunscreen must be applied carefully every 2 hours. The children and the teenagers are more vulnerable vis-a-vis the sun. To limit the risks, they must be particularly protected.

Consult a dermatologist regularly.
The clinical diagnosis: Rule of the ABCD
A – Asymmetry
B – Irregular edges
C – Inhomogenous color
D – Diameter > 6 mm
E – Evolution

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