Why to have chosen Gustave Roussy?
Gustave Roussy is the first center of fight against cancer in Europe, it places the innovation in the middle as of care and of research against cancer for the benefit of patients.
To support research against the melanoma, with each sale 2 € will be transferred in Gustave Roussy.

The program and its objective
To understand resistance to the treatments and to save time on the evolution of the disease.
The melanoma belongs to the group of cancers of the skin. In the majority of the cases, the patients are cured after one removed their melanoma to them surgically. But when it becomes metastatic, this cancer is much more serious. Benefit of research for the patients:
To better understand the mechanisms of resistance to the drugs targeted to counter it by restoring the sensitivity to the treatments and by thus increasing the life expectancy of the patients.
To predict the effectiveness of the treatments to allow the patients to profit from an effective therapeutic arsenal whose toxicity will be limited.
To train the young doctors on the relation between the doctor and the patient in order to optimize their communication, if important.

The price Léopold Griffuel given to Caroline Robert
Pr Caroline Robert, chief of the service of dermatology, received the Prize Léopold Griffuel in clinical research and translationnelle of the Foundation ARC. This price rewards its work on the treatment for the melanoma by targeted therapies and immunotherapy. Since 1970, the price Foundation ARC Léopold Griffuel rewards the scientists and the doctors who made a major contribution to comprehension, the diagnosis, the treatment and the prevention of cancers.


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